Stacks Connect

Stacks Connect

Connect is a JavaScript library for building web applications connected to Stacks.

⚡️ Installation

Use your favorite package manager to install @stacks/connect in your project. Follow the Getting Started section of the @stacks/connect README.

Or use one of our starter-templates to bootstrap a fresh project already including connect — directly in your browser or using the command-line locally! e.g. via npm create stacks

📦 Packages

This repository includes three packages:

  • @stacks/connect: The one-stop-shop tool for letting web-apps interact with Stacks web wallets.
  • @stacks/connect-react: A wrapper library for making @stacks/connect use in React even easier
  • @stacks/connect-ui: A web-component UI for displaying an intro modal in Stacks web-apps during authentication (used in the background by @stacks/connect).

🌎 More Information

The Stacks documentation website includes more examples for building apps using Connect.

It also includes guides for various aspects of Stacks application development:

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