Function getDefaultProfileUpdateRequestOptions

  • Parameters

    Returns {
        appDetails?: {
            icon: string;
            name: string;
        authOrigin?: string;
        network?: StacksNetwork;
        onCancel?: ProfileUpdateCanceled;
        onFinish?: ProfileUpdateFinished;
        profile: PublicPersonProfile;
        stxAddress?: string;
        userSession?: UserSession;

    • Optional appDetails?: {
          icon: string;
          name: string;
      • icon: string

        A full URL that resolves to an image icon for your application

      • name: string

        A human-readable name for your application

    • Optional authOrigin?: string
    • Optional network?: StacksNetwork
    • Optional onCancel?: ProfileUpdateCanceled
    • Optional onFinish?: ProfileUpdateFinished
    • profile: PublicPersonProfile
    • Optional stxAddress?: string
    • Optional userSession?: UserSession

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