• AuthOptions


appDetails: {
    icon: string;
    name: string;

Type declaration

  • icon: string

    A full URL that resolves to an image icon for your application

  • name: string

    A human-readable name for your application

authOrigin?: string


Authentication is no longer supported through a hosted version. Users must install an extension.

manifestPath?: string
onCancel?: (() => void)

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • This callback is fired if the user exits before finishing

      Returns void

onFinish?: ((payload) => void)

Type declaration

    • (payload): void
    • This callback is fired after authentication is finished. The callback is called with a single object argument, with three keys: authResponse: the raw authResponse string that is returned from authentication authResponsePayload: an AuthResponsePayload object userSession: a UserSession object with userData included


      Returns void

redirectTo?: string

The URL you want the user to be redirected to after authentication.

sendToSignIn?: boolean

If sendToSignIn is true, then the user will be sent through the sign in flow.

userSession?: UserSession

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